System requirements: Windows 7 – 10.

Bundle (64bit): (35 MB)

Bundle (32bit): (31 MB)

The bundle contains Profex 3.14, BGMN 4.2.22, a set of instrument configuration files, and some crystal structure files. BGMN and related files are bundled with kind permission of the BGMN development team. For source code and further information, please visit


Extract the ZIP archive to your local hard disk, e.g. to:

C:\Program Files

Then run:

C:\Program Files\Profex-BGMN\Profex-3.14.3\profex.exe

The program will automatically be configured to find structure and instrument template files in:

C:\Program Files\Profex-BGMN\Profex-3.14.3\Structures 
C:\Program Files\Profex-BGMN\Profex-3.14.3\Devices

Error: Missing DLL files

If Profex does not start due to missing DLL files, please install the following Microsoft VC2017 components first:

For 64bit Windows: vc_redist.x64.exe (15 MB)

For 32bit Windows: vc_redist.x86.exe (15 MB)

Other Files

Device and structure templates: (0.8 MB)

Known Issues

  • Missing DLL files on some Windows systems

Previous release

Bundle (32bit): (37 MB)

Bundle (64bit): (34 MB)